Vegetables & Tofu

Traditional Chinese Mustard Greens topped with Black Mushrooms, glazed with a light brown gravy.

Sweet and crunchy Baby Bok-Choy!

Variations | 烹法

Wok Tossed Baby Bok-Choy

Abalone Mushroom with Baby Bok-Choy

The premium Chinese veggie. A wonderful snow pea leaves with a dose of heavy minced garlic.

Variations | 烹法

Wok Tossed Baby Bok-Choy

Garlic Baby Bok-Choy

Chinese hollow watercress! A long thin stem leaf with different cooking variations. Try the Fermented Tofu Hollow Watercress with Jalapeno too!

Variations | 烹法

Wok Tossed Baby Bok-Choy

Spicy Bean-Curd Hollow Watercress

Shrimp Paste Hollow Watercress

That long green crunchy stalk of leafs. Rich Chinese oyster sauce for a thick rich taste.

Variations | 烹法

Wok Tossed Chinese Broccoli

Garlic Chinese Broccoli

Rich with that bitter mustard greens profile, our is placed in a bed of broth with whole roasted garlic.

Wok fried string beans with a spicy kick. Our house X.O. Chili oil is tossed with the string beans, a must for those who love the heat!

X.O. Sauce: A spicy chili oil with ground pork and premium shredded scallops

Variations | 烹法

Wok Tossed String Beans

String Beans with Minced Pork

Garlic String Beans

Our purple eggplant steamed with Garlic and light soy-sauce. Perfect for veggie lovers!

Variations | 烹法

Salt & Pepper Eggplant

Garlic Fried Eggplant

Typical Chinese entree, a wok tossed snow pea snaps with crunchy white water chestnuts!

Typical Chinese entree, a wok tossed snow pea snaps with crunchy white water chestnuts!

Ah! The mixture of kitchen fresh greens with glass vermicelli noodles! A vegetarian favorite!

Simple and elegant!

A spicy soft tofu and ground beef with a spicy kick.

Fried block of tofu with a side of our house made soy-sauce.

Our popular salt & pepper version of our fried tofu! Try it out!.

A fluffy bamboo fungus lightly layered on top of our braised tofu. Just like how "Gram-Gram" used to make it!

A tad of minced shrimp dazzled on the top of our fried tofu. One of the authentic signature Chinese entree!

This tradiational Chinese entree is actually classified as a seedy fruit, also known as the "Gentleman's Vegetable".