A simple and delightful Mushroom Egg Flower Soup to warm the heart.

A popular and authentic soup with a light spicy kick. Our hot and sour soup consists of a Chinese mushroom fungus, tofu, and ground pork.

Try our top selling Wonton Soup! It is wrapped fresh by hand daily with shrimp and chicken filling in the center. The straw mushrooms, carrots, and broccoli adds a vibrant flavor in the broth of the soup.

A seafood version of our wonton soup. A must have for seafood lovers. The broth consists of shrimp, scallops, calamari, and cod fish along with the wontons.

Sweet corn and chicken chowder, yum!

A light vegeterian chowder with seaweed and tofu.

Fresh minced beef in the chowder with egg whites.

The rice crispy sizzle! A healthy seafood soup with snow peas, calamari, shrimp, cod fish, and scallops.

A healthy seafood white soup broth with tofu.

A thick white seafood chowder.

A sweet corn and fish chowder.

Nice crab meat and cod fish in our white chowder, this premium soup is a very popular selection for birthdays and weddings.

A signature soup of southern Asia. Our winter melon soup is prepared inside a wintermlon for that authentic flavor.

The premium seafood soup of Hong Kong consists of chickem, fish maw, sea cucumbers, and abalone.