Toasted and glazed honey walnuts, and a coat of creamy secret sauce on our large shrimps!

Our large shrimp tossed together with black bean sauce, street food Hong Kong!

Salt & Pepper Shrimp. Peeled? Original? It's all up to you!

Battered large shrimp coated with sweet and sour sauce. Green bell peppers, yellow onions, and pineapples for works.

Runny egg stew with minced pork, placed ontop of charred green bell peppers and white onions.

A healthy selection of our large shrimp tossed with snow peas & celery.

Add that house chili oil and dehydrated red chili to the mix. Shrimp with charred onions. Yum!

Spicy premium shrimp with a sweet chili glazed, and topping it off with peanuts.

A large egg omlette on the bottom, with a mixture of greens, brown gravy, and large shrimps on top.