Our popular Imperial Peking Duck. The specialty duck is carved table-side and served with your choice of steamed buns or thin pancake wraps, plum sauce, shredded scallions, and hoisin sauce. Seasoned guests from Asia normally request this exotic entree to be served into a multiple courses. A definite must try for large parties!

First Course

Carved Duck

Second Course

Roasted Duck (Chopped)
Duck Lettuce Wraps
Salt & Pepper Duck
Ginger & Scallion Roasted Duck
Mustard Greens & Tofu Duck Soup
Roasted Duck Fried Rice
Shredded Duck Hong Kong Style Crispy Noodles
Shredded Duck E-Fu Noodles

Whole Portion Only

Oven roasted and served with golden crispy skin. Perfect for guests that wants a small introduction to our Peking Duck.

Whole or Half Portion

A bone-in, Chinese fried chicken!

A traditional steamed Chinese chicken with the bones in. This entree is layered with mustard greens and a brothy chicken cream.

Whole [or] Half

Our bone-in Chinese steamed chicken, glazed with Ginger, scallions, and light soy-sauce.

Specialty Chinese steamed Chicken. It is pale in color, and cooked in our house Chicken broth. This bone-in chicken entree is traditionally served cold.

Boneless chicken and Portabella mushroom coated with our house black pepper sauce! Yum!

A fan of black-bean sauce? We have you covered with this chicken entree cooked with green bell peppers and white onions.

A healthy classic served with a mixture of fresh veggies and Cashew Nuts.

A spicy kick to our Kung Pao Chicken with sauteed yellow onions.

Want the tang? This breaded chicken is coated with our chefs specialty lemon sauce.

A popular chicken entree done right. Green peppers, yellow onions and pineapple chunks all over boneless chicken with that tangy red sauce.

A mixture of greens with your Chicken.

A simple meal that hits the spot. We dust that chicken entree with seasame seeds.

A little heat, a little peas and carrots, a little love and magic that makes the composition of this entree.

Wok prepped egg omelette on the bottom, topped with a mixture of greens and brown gravey on top.

Another great American classic. Try our bredded orange chicken coated with our chef's specialty sauce.