A Joyful House signature vegetarian fish fin entree from Chef Yau for all the herbivores. A combination of fish fin, bean sprouts, green onions, egg-whites, and fish fin beautifully composed on your dinner plate.

Advanced Order

Our fresh flounder fish served with a side of tasty garlic soy-sauce.

Our fresh filet version of the flounder fish, topped with colorful seasonal greens!

Thai style whole flounder fish! Spicy, sweet, tangy!

Steamed whole Flouder Fish. Served with our traditional Chinese soy-sauce.

A steak torso cut of our premium Chilean Seabass, lightly pan fried on both side to a golden crisp, paried together with a light garlic soy-sauce.

Wok fried Chilian Seabass slices with chili, garlic, and jalapenos!

Steamed Chilian Seabass in our black bean sauce.

Battered white cod fish filet drenched together with a sweet corn sauce.

Wok fried fresh filet mixed together with our seasonal greens.

Battered white cod fish filet coated with our sweet and sour sauce.