The wonderful claypot rice. Fired blazing hot in a pot made of clay, the heat burns a smokey crisp into the rice. Topped with our signature Chinese pickled meat of ham, Chinese sausauges. This is a feature unique to Hong Kong, Asia.

25 Minutes Preparation Time

Hot, spicy, colorful, and festive. What is there not to like in this delicious claypot of love? Get a kick out for that special Chinese Rose Liquor!


Chinese Rose Liquor

A heated dessert calls for heated clams claypot. The ground pork, ginger, garlic, and the sweet and spicy sauce is just outstanding!

A seafood mixture of scallops, shrimp, fish? Lettuce? Mushrooms? Tofu? Yes Please!

This is one of the most popular authentic Cantonese claypot signature. A Chilean Seabass feature of tofu and mushrooms, the blend pairs wonderfully with the green scallions.

Herbivores! Our house favorite Tofu and Eggplant Claypot with a delicious brown gravey. Try that unique minced shimp on top of the tofu!

Golden yellow bamboo shoots, ground pork, and eggplants. All tossed together into a sweet and spicy chili sauce.

Charred shrimp with glass vermicelli noodles. Try dusting that up with black-pepper!

Our mild, Joyful House satay sauce with seafood. It's placed over a bed of glass vermicelli!

A popular Cantonese claypot with Chinese Anchovies. The composition of the dried sea treasure with diced chicken and soft tofu truely makes this unique to the Asian pallate.

True to Hong Kong tradition, our beef brisket is roasted in house. The mild curry beef brisket stew claypot taste wonderful over a bed of Jasmine rice.