Our popular Beef Tenderloin Mignon with our unique black pepper sauce. The grilled portabella mushrooms makes this one a total hit!


鐵板黑椒牛柳 | Black Pepper Beef Tenderloin Mignon

鐵板沙茶牛柳 | Satay Beef Tenderloin Mignon

中式牛柳 | Beef Tenderloin Mignon with Onions

The sweet red spicy sauce wok tossed with the sliced beef. Look out for those dehyrated red chilli peppers!

Salt and pepper pork chops! A popular house favorite. Perfect amount of flavor for the family.

The classic beef and broccoli. The carrots and mushrooms for added flavors. Ours comes with a choice! Choose from the long stem Chinese Broccoli, or that sweet garlic American Broccoli along with that tender beef.


西蘭花牛肉 | American Broccoli with Beef

芥蘭牛肉 | Chinese Broccoli with Beef

Snow Peas and Mushrooms! There's that rich oyster sauce pairing with our tender beef.

Our beef wok fried to a dry crisp and coated with the citrus orange glaze.

Charred green bell peppers with yellow onions with our sliced beef.