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Snow Pea-Pod Leaves | 豆苗




Snow Pea-Pod Leaves (DioMiu) or Garden Pea Leaves carries the scientific name Pisum Sativum. It is part of the legumes family harvested during the winter and spring seasons. This particular legume grows into adulthood ranging from 50-90mm in length. This nutrient rich vegetable has been cultivated nearly 7000 years predominantly from the regions of Syria, Turkey, and Jordan.


Snow Pea-Pod Leaves provides many levels of health benefit when supplemented into your daily diet. Normally, Legumes have symbiotic-nitrogen fixing bacteria called “root modules.” It is commonly found in Alfalfa, Clovers, Peas, Beans, Lentils, Lupins, Mesquite, and Soybeans. This very nitrogen fixing bacteria in Snow Pea-Pod Leaves provide rich proteins from the plant, with high levels of fiber and vitamin C, while containing a very low amount of amino acids for the body.


What does that even mean? Snow Pea-Pod Leaves will be very beneficial entree to the diet of athletes who demands a vigorous work-out routine in their daily schedule. It will help fuel and replenish the body’s lack of nutrients to those who are concerned with healthy diet. Snow Pea-Pod Leaves also contains lutein, a yellow carotenoid pigment that helps benefit clear vision.




Snow Pea-Pod Leaves is a very popular Chinese entree found in our cuisine. Its appearance, taste, and texture is very similar to spinach found in your local supermarkets. Joyful House offers and serves the Snow Pea-Pod Leafs. It is available only seasonally when it is the freshest from our suppliers. Our kitchen removes all tendrils prior to cooking. Try one of the options below!


Pan Fried Snow Pea-Pod Leaves (清炒豆苗)
Pan Fried Snow Pea-Pod Leaves with Garlic Sauce (蒜茸炒豆苗)
Pan Fried Snow Pea-Pod Leaves In Savory Broth (蒜子上湯豆苗)
Pan Fried Snow Pea-Pod Leaves with Dried Garlic (瑤柱扒豆苗)
Pan Fried Snow Pea-Pod Leaves with Crab Meat (蟹肉扒豆苗)


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