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Late Night Dining For Hungry Night Owls

It is late at night in Las Vegas, you are hungry. We know the struggle! Maybe you just partied a little to hard, worked a little to long, or coming off the strip from a brutal Casino swing shift. It doesn’t matter, we understand that sometimes you just want good Chinese food to end the night. Here at Joyful House Chinese Cuisine, we are opened daily till 3AM in the morning for late night dining to serve all the hungry guests from all over the world.

Options On Our Menu Are Endless

Great Chinese food from Hong Kong? We have it. Feel like an Imperial Peking Duck at 2AM carved table-side, we have that too! Want to come in and check out our version of Sea-World? Drop by our live seafood tank and snap a photo with our monstrous Alaskan King Crab! This baby of ours seams like a daily celebrity at Joyful House.

Simplicity – Served All Day

Hidden on our menu are fresh porridge/Congee. Porridge or Congee is a Chinese style of cooking that is a clean broth made from just rice. It is one healthy selection and a terrific option for those who feel under the weather.

Try out the unique offerings from Hong Kong!

  • 白粥 – Plain Porridge
  • 皮蛋瘦肉粥 – Century Egg Porridge
  • 生滚鱼片粥 – Fish Filet Porridge
  • 雞骨粥 – Chicken Porridge
  • 牛肉粥 – Beef Porridge


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