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Food Network – Hungry Detective: Joyful House Chinese Cuisine

Hosted by Chris Cognac

Las Vegas

Chris Cognac, The Hungry Detective, rolls the dice by leaving the touristy Las Vegas Strip behind to uncover the best food off The Strip. As Chris arrives in Vegas he lands at Ellis Island Casino and Brewery and discovers a back porch barbecue bargain platter for under $8. Next, Sean Griffin and Adam Soebel, two top chefs from Caesars Palace, lead Chris to an authentic Italian restaurant in a Vegas strip mall. Chris’s next lead takes him to Vegas’s Chinatown for some Thai lobster at Joyful House, a family run restaurant. Next, on the trail of some serious snacks, Chris meets up with two officers from the Las Vegas Police Department for dollar hot dogs and deep fried Hostess Twinkies at Mermaid’s Casino. Finally, Chris hits the jackpot when he stakes out Binion’s Ranch Steakhouse and tries lobster prepared a whole new way.

(Episode: DC0100)

Thanks to those who remembered and found us across the country through the Food Network Hungry Detective Episode, here it is again!

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