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A Chefs’ Favorite By Foodandwine.com

Joyful House Chinese Cuisine got picked up by foodandwine.com in an article for being a Chefs’ Favorite Chinese Restaurant in the US! Among the list features a plethora of authentic restaurants all across America. In the brief article, it highlights one of our best seller and a staple entrees, our oven roasted Imperial Peking Duck. To the readers who have not tried our dish, we train our staff to carve the duck table side in direct view of your lovely guests. If the show itself is not exciting enough for you, enjoy the authentic Peking duck bun appetizer while our staff can take the remaining of the duck and make separate entrees upon your request. Feel like a hearty duck soup? How about a tasty Pan fried noodle with shredded duck? We have it all, just like home of Southern Asia.

We would love to say thank you and congratulate the rest of the restaurants on the list to become a staple icon in your neighborhood. Keep pushing the envelope and represent the fine Chinese Culinary fine arts!



Joyful House; Las Vegas

“Joyful House looks like a typical Chinese restaurant,” explains Jordan Kahn of L.A.’s Red Medicine. “It’s enormous, with a lazy Susan on every table, live seafood, et cetera. But it’s absolutely incredible. For my birthday last year, my girlfriend and I drove the four hours to Las Vegas from L.A. to eat here.” He recommends the Peking duck on presentation alone: “First is the breast is carved table-side and served in steamed buns with hoisin, cucumber and scallion. Then they ask you what you’d like prepared with the legs.” Go for the crystal lettuce wraps with chopped leg and thigh meat, cooked with water chestnuts, chili and fermented black beans. And don’t miss the chili crab and salt-and-pepper lobster. They’re “two of the best dishes ever, just epic.”joyfulhouselv.com




Alrighty! Cool Stuff! We extend our gratitude to Mr. Jordan Kahn for taking the efforts to try our restaurant. Thank you for the support!


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