4601 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas NV, 89102702.889.8881

Executive Chef Yau

Executive Chef Yau

An orient from Hong Kong China, Executive Chef Kai Wa Yau has perfected his culinary skills with over 35 years of experience with the roots from Far East Asia. As a young teenager, Yau has commenced his way into the kitchens of Hong Kong in efforts to gain exposure to the arts of Chinese food.

Chef Yau eventually immigrated to United States in the late 1980s in efforts to provide a better opportunity of life for his wife and children. After a brief moment in time in Southern California, he has decided that Las Vegas as the locale to launch his career. Chef Yau sensed the urgent need to establish a restaurant  in which after years of hard work and experience would help remind the local diners of the food from home.

Yau has a profound interest in traveling over Asia to learn and practice modern culinary arts as his favorite hobby. Congruent with the changes and the rise of China, Yau seeks perfection in every entree as the most primitive  work ethic as daily prerequisite in his kitchen, and wishes to present his excellence to each and every transient guests coming through Las Vegas. 

“Without self motivation to excel and push the envelope, you will often tend to find yourself behind the curve.”

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